Success Stories

Often it’s difficult for industries to realize when a current pricing model has run its course. Forrest Firm is a change agent for the industry and they consistently give us top-notch service and fee predictability. Their exponential growth is well-deserved and not surprising.
Donald Thompson
The American Underground is a campus for entrepreneurs and a place where things move fast every hour. I count on the Forrest Firm to help our organization with complex legal questions and guidance and to do so quickly and predictably so we can focus on supporting our entrepreneurs and growing our business. Working with them is a pleasure — they are attorneys I trust will provide great guidance and also look for win-wins.
Adam Klein
Former Chief Strategist
American Underground
I’m impressed with Forrest Firm’s quick turn-around and thoroughness on contract reviews. Forrest Firm’s timely billing is also a refreshing development among providers of professional services.
George Habel
Vice President
Vice President, Sports Group, Capitol Broadcasting Company (Durham Bulls)
Our company sells complex robotic technology and software direct to end users. We write hundreds of contracts each year where the language changes based on product and market. We have been working with James and his team since 2005 and he has been integral in creating contracts templates and other legal documents that allow us to maximize our efficiency and minimize our turnaround time to keep the sales force happy. In addition, Forrest Firm is a valuable resource for the sales team during contract negotiations for our large and institutional customers. Forrest Firm brings to the table excellent legal knowledge, a tremendous grasp of technology to enable contracting efficiencies, wonderful work ethic, and a strong determination to continuously learn about our business in order to provide timely and informed advice on a wide variety of legal issues. Although I know it is not the reality, Forrest Firm treats us as if we are their sole client.
D.J. Dougherty
Former Chief Financial Officer
Parata Systems, LLC
Forrest Firm has been a tremendous value-add to several organizations I’ve led over the years. Their managed services model allows our legal spend to be predictable annually, while simultaneously delivering on responsiveness and qualitative expertise across multiple areas. Our periodic and scheduled face to face meetings at our facility to discuss risk management are invaluable.
Tom Rhoads
Chief Executive Officer
Spencer Health Solutions, LLC
Partnering with the Forrest Firm has been a tremendous asset to us. They are responsive, understanding and sensitive to our particular needs. Their fee structure has allowed them to adapt to our needs as well as provided flexibility for us, obtaining wise counsel when and how we needed it.
Palmer Schoch
Executive Director of Ministry Services
Hope Community Church
From employment issues, to contracts, to lease negotiations, the team at the Forrest Firm has taken great care of our challenges, questions, and concerns and ensured that we mitigate risk for our company. I would proudly refer others to the Forrest Firm for their legal expertise but also personal attention to client needs.
Greg Boone
As a web and mobile software development firm, Smashing Boxes hired the Forrest Firm when we had all of 5 full time employees. As we’ve grown, the Forrest Firm has served as a true partner in our business acceleration and growth. Forrest Firm has provided tactical legal expertise in the areas of business formation, corporate, employment contract law, litigation, and immigration. Legal services are not a commodity and are not a one off purchase, so finding the right partner to help an organization succeed and grow is a major asset and an investment that can yield high returns and peace of mind.
Nick Jordan
Managing Director
Smashing Boxes, LLC
Forrest Firm assisted our company with a critical product development and supply transaction. The deal involved two novel technology platforms, with the additional complexity of a smaller company (us) negotiating with a much bigger company. I was very pleased with how quickly James immersed himself in our business and the transaction. Throughout the process, James provided valuable insight on key legal issues and was extremely responsive and available to help our company get the deal done.
Luke Roush
Former Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Transenterix, Inc.
I’ve been nothing but impressed with the attorneys that we’ve worked with at the Forrest Firm. They've shown a keen understanding of deal structures and have been a true value added partner, with an emphasis on the word “partner” with our activities here at Sovereign’s Capital.
Henry Kaestner
Managing Partner
Sovereign’s Capital
In my opinion, the attorneys at Forrest Firm are respected advisors, resilient business leaders, and experts in corporate law. I have utilized Forrest Firm for sound legal advice within the life sciences industry and have always been pleased with their services. The firm has been readily available when immediate legal advice was needed. If you are seeking legal advice for a one-time situation or pursuing a long-term professional engagement, I highly recommend the Forrest Firm.
Mike Putnam
Sequence, Inc.
Forrest Firm has been a tremendous help to our growing organization. No matter the time or situation, Forrest Firm is always there to answer questions, review documents, or help us create new agreements as things come up in our business. It was critically important to me to find a team that was was reliable, diligent, responsive, and had the business sense to help guide us to the right strategic decisions. The team at Forrest Firm are thought leaders in their industry — and their unique pricing structure and flexibility really set them apart. Forrest Firm is a true pleasure to work with on all levels.
Paige Goss
Former Director of Operations
The Select Group
Our team at Maupin Travel manages travel for companies and individuals, and we work with a wide range of customers, vendors, partners and employees. Our company’s need for legal counsel fluctuates dramatically – at times non-existent and other times requiring specific, time sensitive legal guidance. Forrest Firm is dependable, responsive and has shown an ability to provide expert legal advice to a wide range of issues for us. By partnering with Forrest Firm our mid-sized company is able to punch above our weight from a legal perspective, which gives me great confidence and peace of mind.
Trevor Smith
Maupin Travel
The Forrest Firm has a unique approach to billing and contracts which is straight forward and frees us from the worry of cost over runs. However, a set affordable price for a lousy service is not a great deal. On several occasions they have given excellent insight on difficult contracts and challenging situations. The Forrest firm couples excellent legal insight with ethics and integrity. I guess it should not be surprising but it is unusual to have the voice of truth and integrity coming from legal counsel. Straight forward pricing, excellent insight, coupled with integrity is what you get when you hire the Forrest Firm.
Phil Radford
Radeas Laboratories
The Forrest Firm attorneys address all of those areas where trouble could be lurking—from a risk management perspective—and you’d never know it until it’s too late. Like many companies, we like to think our people are our strongest asset. The HR audit enabled us to better take care of them and keep them informed of key policies and procedures that affect their daily performance.
Troy Meachum
Chief Cheerleader
ACR Supply Co.
We are a young technology company in the food and beverage industry that is typically dominated by larger firms. Throughout our start, the team at Forrest Firm have been a great resource and instrumental in assisting our growth. With the managed legal services package from them, we have been able to keep pace with our clients’ legal demands on a predictable and affordable budget. From tasks as simple as confidentiality agreements to as complex as license agreements, Forrest Firm has always made our needs a priority and delivered top tier legal advice and services. I’m grateful to have such a dynamic and talented team representing my interests while maintaining a personal touch and forward looking approach. With Forrest Firm in my corner, I know that I can focus on my core business without having to second guess any legal issues. Keep up the good work!
Michael Druga
Forrest Firm has been a tremendous partner to our organization. It is wonderful to have unfettered access to everyone on their team and their various skill sets. Our legal spend is predictable month over month and we are being proactive about risk management, ultimately enhancing our enterprise value.
Karen Hohenstein
CEO & Co-Founder
I have worked with the Forrest Firm in both the private and non-profit sector and have found them to be flexible, fair, and competent. The growth of the firm is no surprise; serve customers in a way they want to be served, treat them fairly, and do so with a high level of skill.
Michael Jongkind
Catalysta Partners
Forrest Firm has been a great addition to our extended team at WingSwept. They’re extremely responsive regardless of whether the need comes up at 9am on Monday or 4:30pm on Friday. Combine that with invoices that don’t surprise you and a wealth of legal knowledge across multiple specialties and they’ve got the full package.
Jay Strickland
Forrest Firm has done an excellent job of helping us scale. We have a growing marketing agency and risk management can often be under-emphasized. With the firm’s managed services program, we are able to have periodic touchpoints at our facility with our executive team to bolster awareness around topics that would otherwise have not been top of mind. The offering has also helped us make legal spend predictable monthly and annually, which is incredibly helpful compared to the traditional billable hour legal offering.
Biran Onorio