Minority Shareholder Protections

Safeguard Your Investment As a Company Owner

Starting a business is almost always an exciting and fun time for entrepreneurs and their backers, full of high hopes and positivity. As rightly it should be! No one usually, however, anticipates major disagreements or the need for legal intervention down the road. But as business attorneys for many years, we are here to tell you that these things do happen unfortunately, and it is best to think through various scenarios in advance.

At the Forrest Firm, to minimize your risk as an equity holder, we assist our clients in drafting shareholders’ agreements that can address voting rights, transfer rights, and other governance matters; negotiating buy-sell agreements that address what happens in the event of the death, incapacity or a buyout of a key executive; thinking through board size and composition; and what happens to various classes of equity in the event of a sale, offering or other liquidity event.

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