Why I Support ReCity Network

By James Forrest

I first heard about ReCity Network a few years ago, prior to its launch, because some good friends were involved in the vision-casting for the organization. When I heard who was behind this big, bold idea, their credibility convinced me that I needed to give supporting ReCity some serious consideration.

Then, after my first exposure to the idea, I began exploring ReCity’s mission and intentions for fulfilling that mission, and the notion that we could bring together the work of lots of different non-profits and faith-based organizations, along with support from the mission-driven business community—and do it for greater impact on pervasive poverty and multi-generational social injustice—was too good for me to pass up.

We live in strange times. All too often, people look for ways to label each other instead of identifying and connecting with each other. That disappoints me on many levels, as a citizen, a person of faith, and just as a human being. I don’t want to fall into that trap, and I certainly want to support organizations that cut through the clutter of differences and find the commonalities that really matter in solving the problems that our neighbors face. I also want to be an example to my children and leave a lasting legacy for them. I believe that ReCity’s work right now will have a positive impact for generations to come.

To my fellow business leaders, I’ll offer you this challenge. If you want to connect with an organization that’s bringing lots of different folks together—from different faiths and denominations, political affiliations, etc.—and uniting them in a single purpose to drive greater equity for all, you can’t do better than ReCity Network.

This group will give you the perfect opportunity to get off the sidelines and do things that really impact people’s lives for the better. ReCity’s partner organizations are serving everything from basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter to more advanced services aimed at employment opportunities, health and financial wellness, entrepreneurship, social skills, and so much more. Better still, it’s my opinion that with every dollar I spend at ReCity, I can see the social impact return on my investment multi-fold.

Join me in supporting ReCity Network. In a short time, this organization has done so much, yet there’s much more to do. Please think about a weekly donation of $1, $10, or more. We’re looking for 30 sustaining members of the ReCity 100 by year-end, and we want more to join the cause in 2018. Thank you for your consideration.

This article originally appeared on ReCity Network’s news page.