The Startup Hats for Entrepreneurs

Forrest Firm is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the audiobook and podcast series, “The Startup Hats: Master the Many Roles of the Entrepreneur” by David Gardner of Cofounders Capital.

David is a six-time successful startup founder, with his largest exit over $100M. He now spends his time mentoring and investing in entrepreneurs, and his venture capital funds have raised over $40M for startups here in North Carolina. He knows exactly what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur – the need to take on many different roles every single day, and to perform them well – and that’s what he shares in “The Startup Hats.”

Tune in to both the introduction and first chapter of “The Startup Hats” here, and the full audiobook will be available later this month.


Chapter 1: The Entrepreneur Hat

The Startup Hats is a production of Earfluence