The survey results are in, and those of us who live in the Triangle are, among other things, optimistic!  As we all know, your view of the glass half-full or half empty can often be very influential in whether you actually reach your goals – so this bodes well for some of the goals we’ve set as a region.

Gallup recently released its annual survey tracking the well-being of cities throughout the United States, and the Raleigh and Durham metropolitan areas earned high rankings from their citizens. The study measured percentages of the respective populations of 190 U.S. metro areas for diabetes, obesity, frequent exercise and produce consumption, health insurance, and optimism.

With the study breaking across small metro areas (less than 300,000 in population), mid-sized metros (300,000-1 million) and large populations over 1 million, Durham fell into the mid-sized rankings and Raleigh into the large population rankings.  Raleigh achieved a number six ranking among all large metropolitan areas, a list headed by the San Jose, California area.  Durham finished ninth among mid-sized metros, a list headed by Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Raleigh scored particularly high in the optimism ratings, with nearly 75 percent of respondents saying they were optimistic about the city’s future, ranking the city as the number one most optimistic city in its population category.  This figure also earned Raleigh a ranking of third overall most optimistic city, behind only the smaller markets of Provo, Utah and Lafayette, Louisiana.  Durham finished in the top 20 among mid-sized cities, placing as 19th most optimistic area with a population between 300,000 and 1 million.

Congratulations to the Triangle community – both its businesses and its residents. The Triangle consistently ranks as one of very best as places to live and work, launch a business, and ride out the recession – so it makes a lot of sense that we lead the way in optimism as well!  Who’s excited?