On Tuesday, April 22, attorney Jeff Wolfe of the Forrest Firm will appear on the Triangle-area radio show, Focus on Business.  An educational hour for business owners and executives, Focus on Business is hosted by one of the area’s leading consultants for business, Lea Strickland.

The show airs on the Carrboro-based community radio station, WCOM FMFocus on Business runs every Tuesday during the lunchtime slot, from noon to 1 pm. According to the station website, Focus on Business provides insights, information and perspective on building strong, sustainable businesses that will in turn, build sustainable communities. Guests include area business leaders, experts and professionals who share their experiences.

Lea Strickland is widely-recognized as one of the premier mentors and consultants for businesses in the Triangle area.  In 2002, Strickland founded FOCUS Resources to provide key business services to companies around the world, including, finance, accounting, operations, customer service, sales and marketing.  Lea effectively shapes businesses into cohesive organizations that execute their business plans to become sustainable. She is especially known a turnaround specialist for companies with great products and services experiencing low performance in certain areas of their businesses.

In the April 22 installment of Focus on Business, Wolfe will join Strickland for the topic, “Traditional Funding and Raising Capital for Your Business.”  From our work with young startups at the Forrest Firm, we know this can be an area full of questions for entrepreneurs and executives, such as when and how to raise money to fund operations and/or expansion.

Jeff Wolfe joined the Forrest Firm in early April.  He has spent nearly six years advising business leaders in the Triangle and North Carolina on matters ranging from company formation to equity offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic transactions.

The Forrest Firm is a full-service corporate law firm focused on delivering sophisticated counsel and customized solutions for North Carolina entrepreneurs and executives at businesses representing every stage of the business life cycle, from startups to mature organizations. The firm’s services range from transactional and contractual work in corporate formation and real estate to advice and due diligence in matters pertaining to mergers & acquisition and employment.

Since the firm’s founding in January 2011, the Forrest Firm team has maintained a commitment to the greater community of Triangle entrepreneurs through leadership and sponsorship of area economic development groups and events such as the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce, the Bull City Startup Stampede, and the Smoffice. On October 15, 2013, Forrest Firm founder and lead attorney James Forrest also appeared on the Focus on Business radio show with Lea Strickland, discussing the topic, “Managing Legal Risks for Your Business.”

In the spring of 2014, the Forrest Firm also renewed its commitment to sponsoring the Durham Bulls Baseball Club, a national treasure and centerpiece of downtown Durham’s revitalization efforts over the last quarter-century.