Forrest Firm’s Ovies Hosts Collider Lunch & Learn on Brand Building

On Tuesday, February 12, the Forrest Firm’s Kelli Ovies will be the latest of the firm’s attorneys to host a lunch and learn event at Asheville’s hub for climate entrepreneurship, The Collider. Joining Ovies for the event is Asheville-based marketing expert Lisa Peteet of Atlas Branding.

Kelli Ovies

The event, “How to Build a Strong, Unique Brand,” will take place at The Collider from 12-1pm. Attendees will learn about the power of brand building and how trademark lawyers and marketing experts can help entrepreneurs with due diligence on names, logos, and taglines for new businesses and products. Ovies and Peteet will explain how upfront legal and creative work is necessary for ensuring that names, logos, and taglines are strong, unique and contribute to the growth of brands rather than put their owners at risk of receiving a cease-and-desist letter or getting sued for infringement.

The lunch and learn presentation is aimed at helping people who are in the process of or thinking about starting a new business, as well as owners of existing businesses looking to rebrand, marketing directors, and those who haven’t consulted with trademark lawyers or branding agencies in their past work.

Kelli Ovies joined the Forrest Firm last year. She has been a practicing attorney in the areas of intellectual property and commercial litigation for the last 12 years.  At the Forrest Firm, Kelli’s practice focuses almost entirely on performing trademark clearance searches, prosecuting trademark applications before the US Patent and Trademark Office, and representing clients in trademark disputes, including trademark opposition proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

A self-proclaimed branding nerd, Lisa Peteet is the co-founder and creative director of Atlas, a creative studio that has been building people-focused brands for more than a decade.

To register for the free event, please visit