Forrest Firm’s Lasher, Jessup to Participate in Durham’s EPIC Conference

On February 23, the Forrest Firm’s Leslie Lasher and Debra Ragin Jessup will join more than 200 North Carolina entrepreneurs for the 2018 EPIC Conference.

EPIC, which stands for Entrepreneurial People in Christ, is a two-day business conference focused as a training ground for world changers – entrepreneurs, business owners, business leaders, and visionaries. Taking place at Durham’s Catch a Fire church facility, EPIC will challenge attendees, through 20 speakers and 15 programs to focus on three areas of personal and professional growth.

  • Transform—Challenging the way you think and breaking patterns of limitation.
  • Activate—Discovering and learning how to apply your gifts for Kingdom purposes.
  • Connect—Recognizing you can only achieve your God-given destiny with others.

Leslie Lasher focuses her corporate law practice at the Forrest Firm in the area of employment law. She works with businesses of all sizes and at every stage of the business life cycle to optimize human resources teams and corporate compliance with all state and federal employment regulations.

Debra Ragin Jessup practices in multiple areas of business law at the Forrest Firm, including strategic transactions and employment. In addition, she routinely advises entrepreneurs and executives during the estate planning process.

Ultimately, the EPIC Conference creates a community of business leaders who have a passion to see their cities transformed as they are personally transformed through Kingdom business principles.  An expression of a growing movement among Christian business executives, kingdom business principles refer to a set of Biblical values as applied when running a company. These principles can include values related to the treatment of employees and customers as well as in competition.

Registration for EPIC is ongoing, with a two-day pass priced at $150 and VIP passes for $200.

For more information on the 2018 EPIC Conference, visit The Forrest Firm is dedicated to advising churches, faith-based organizations, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs as they look to grow their businesses according in alignment with their values. Please visit our exhibitor table at the EPIC Conference to learn more about how we can help you.