Forrest Firm’s Gravatt to Appear on Focus on Business

On June 5, intellectual property attorney Lyle Gravatt of the Forrest Firm will appear on the Triangle-area radio show, Focus on Business. An educational hour for business owners and executives, Focus on Business is hosted by one of the Triangle’s leading management consultants, Lea Strickland.

The show airs on the Carrboro-based community radio station WCOM FM. Focus on Business runs every Tuesday during the lunchtime slot, from noon to 1 pm.  Focus on Business provides insights, information, and perspective on building strong, sustainable businesses that will, in turn, build sustainable communities. Guests include area business leaders, experts, and professionals who share their experiences.

Host Lea Strickland is widely recognized as one of the premier mentors and consultants for businesses in the Triangle area. In 2002, Strickland founded FOCUS Resources to provide key business services to companies around the world, including, finance, accounting, operations, customer service, sales, and marketing. Strickland effectively shapes businesses into cohesive organizations that execute their business plans to become sustainable. She is especially known as a turnaround specialist for companies with great products and services experiencing low performance in certain areas of their businesses.

For the June 5 episode of Focus on Business, Gravatt will join Strickland to educate entrepreneurs and executives on different ways of protecting their intellectual property. Topics will include a discussion of the differences among copyrights, trademarks, and patents; when companies should consider registering brands as federal trademarks; which ideas are patentable and when businesses should consider patent protection; and how companies go about protecting their trade secrets.

Mr. Gravatt focuses his practice on patents, trademarks and intellectual property licensing and agreements. His strategic perspectives and experience in a wide range of technologies allow clients to protect and monetize their intellectual property assets in coordination with their business’s goals. In his work with Forrest Firm clients, Mr. Gravatt provides end-to-end services, from competitive intelligence and portfolio reviews to filing and prosecuting applications for building value.

Multiple Forrest Firm attorneys have appeared on the Focus on Business radio show with Lea Strickland, discussing topics centered on managing legal risk, funding and raising business capital, legal issues faced by new companies, and commercial real estate challenges.

The Forrest Firm is a full-service corporate law firm and certified B Corporation with offices across North Carolina. The firm provides corporate legal services in a manner that consistently exceeds client expectations, creates healthy, sustainable work environments for its professionals, and positively impacts the community.