UCHILDA few months ago, we shared the story of an organization the Forrest Firm is proud to support, Uhuru Child, and its unique approach to addressing the poverty problem in Africa.

Uhuru Child creates employment opportunities for adults, and profits from those businesses and provide education for children in. Their mission is to not provide temporary relief that creates a dependency problem, but to help create a self-sustaining infrastructure in Kenya, a land of immense opportunity. During its first year of working in Jikaze, Kenya, Uhuru Child built 56 houses, provided three months of food relief, distributed 90 micro-finance loans, sold 75 water filters at a subsidy, sponsored 22 children in educational scholarships, planted 145 trees, distributed vitamins to 100 children for a month, and subsequently built deep and lasting relationships with the community.

Uhuru Child nurtures these relationships by really getting to know the members of the community, identifying and understanding their needs, and designing a plan to meet their goals through social businesses and education. With the help of businesses and churches in the area the organization serves, Uhuru Child recently identified three men with a common desire—to someday start their own businesses and retool their careers for the betterment of their families. The only obstacle in their respective paths was education and the means to obtain it. In Jikaze, and similar communities across Kenya, affording higher education is nearly impossible without assistance. Many families in this community live on less than one dollar a day due to lack of employment opportunities.

Seeing the incredible enthusiasm in these men, Uhuru Child reached out to its global donor network for help in funding their college education. Several responded, including the Forrest Firm. “We believe wholeheartedly in what Uhuru Child is doing in Kenya,” said principal and founder James Forrest. “Anytime a person has the aspiration to better himself through education and entrepreneurship, we’re on board. We are enthusiastic about supporting these men. Each of the scholarship recipients is staying in close contact with us, as they use the power of education to fuel new careers that will break the cycle of poverty for generations to come. We are honored to be a part of what Uhuru Child is doing in Kenya, and we are eager to see what these three men accomplish. We are inspired by their passion, determination, and faith.”

For more information on Uhuru Child and its many programs working with Kenyans to break the multi-generational cycle of poverty, visit their website at