Forrest Firm Sponsors LaunchLKN Blockchain Event

The Forrest Firm, a business law firm and certified B Corporation, is sponsoring the next event in LaunchLKN’s Infinite Possibilities Series, “Blockchain—Peering Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble.”

The LaunchLKN event will take place on Wednesday, March 28 at Davidson College’s Vance Center, in the Red Ventures Room at 5pm. The Forrest Firm joins the NC IDEA Foundation, the Town of Davidson, and Aquesta Bank in sponsoring the event.

At the latest event in LaunchLKN’s Infinite Possibilities Series, attendees will learn about the blockchain technology that’s powering the crypto movement and spreading rapidly to other industry sectors. Guest speakers and panelists will tackle the history and creation of Bitcoin, basic technology, mining, and buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The event will feature thought leaders in the space and include an audience conversation about the human and ethical consequences of anonymous payments and decentralized and borderless computing.

Blockchain, which first achieved notoriety as the technological basis for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is in its simplest form a distributed database that maintains a shared list of records. Developers refer to these records as blocks, and each encrypted block of code contains the history of every preceding block, with timestamped transaction data. Due to the connectivity of its contained data, blockchain is now transcending finance and moving into multiple industries.

LaunchLKN is a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and community leaders dedicated to sharing knowledge and motivating economic development in the Lake Norman-area towns of Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson, just north of Charlotte. The group’s approach includes a platform for tech-based startups to connect with resources and thrive; a collaborative mentality fostered through networking; celebration of the area’s booming craft beer scene; and creating communities that are desirable for living and working.

Follow this link to register for the March 28 LaunchLKN blockchain event, sponsored in part by the Forrest Firm.