Forrest Firm Response to COVID-19

Like all of you, we’re quickly responding to the sudden changes in the business landscape due to COVID-19. Our mindset continues to be community-focused, and we desire to be a resource for our clients and friends of the Firm. Currently, we have not experienced any disruption in service due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Due to our long-standing “work from anywhere” policy, Forrest Firm employees are already familiar with working remotely, and our support infrastructure allows us to ensure our continued ability to serve our clients, wherever we are. To date, we have implemented:

  • Laptop computers for all attorneys and staff
  • Cloud-based, encrypted file management systems and communication platforms
  • Video conferencing and VOIP call systems
  • Online invoice payment
  • Online client portal access to Estatecare Vault and Legal Directives
  • DocuSign electronic agreements 
  • Virtual internal communication tool to ensure camaraderie and ease of communication among team members

In response to the ongoing State of Emergency declared in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Forrest Firm has expanded its preventative practices. Our eight offices across North Carolina are closed and most of our workforce is practicing social distancing and working remotely.  Staff will be checking in periodically.

We do not anticipate a disruption in ongoing client work and activities. If the impact of COVID-19 continues to increase, we may take additional preventative measures regarding our office locations and hours of availability. We will provide additional updates if this becomes necessary. 

As a Firm, we’re committed to being a resource for businesses during this time. Our experienced team has written several articles for various situations, including:

Contract Negotiation: Test Your Contracts Before COVID-19 Does

Employers: A Guide to Navigating COVID-19

Tax Credits: What Do You Need to Know About the Tax Credits Included in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act?

While you’re social distancing, we’ve compiled helpful information to lift your spirits:

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If you’re looking for a way to love your neighbor, client and community partner, The Summit Church, published and continues to update ways we can care for others.

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