Forrest Firm Prepares Winston-Salem Startup for Regulation Crowdfunding Offering

The Forrest Firm recently worked with Vios Nutrition, Inc., a Winston-Salem health and nutrition startup, to prepare the company for an offering under federal Regulation Crowdfunding rules. The company’s crowdfunding campaign, recently launched on the StartEngine portal, is just the second Regulation Crowdfunding offering launched in the state of North Carolina.

Taking effect in May 2016 as part of the federal JOBS Act aimed at spurring startup investment, Regulation Crowdfunding enables companies to conduct offerings of up to $1 million from investors through online intermediaries like StartEngine. One of the biggest changes under the JOBS Act related to startup investing is that companies may raise capital under Regulation Crowdfunding from all investors, no longer limiting them to fundraising from high net worth/high income “accredited investors” as required under traditional private placement offerings.

In preparation for the company’s first Regulation Crowdfunding campaign, Vios received guidance from Forrest Firm attorneys Jeff Wolfe, David Morris, Jesse Jones, and Andrew Fisher. The Forrest Firm team advised the Vios leadership team on a variety of aspects of Regulation Crowdfunding, including the disclosures and forms required by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the federal agency tasked with Regulation Crowdfunding oversight.

According to Wolfe, the Vios Nutrition offering is a landmark in North Carolina business. “Regulation Crowdfunding is truly a new frontier in raising capital for startups,” said Wolfe. “We are honored that Vios Nutrition selected the Forrest Firm to guide them along the crowdfunding journey, and we look forward to sharing the knowledge we gained as a firm during this process with future clients interested in this type of offering.”

Interested individuals can learn more about the Vios Nutrition crowdfunding campaign at

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