coryBy Cory Howes

In celebration of our first month together at the firm since the merger with my former firm, Howes Law, I’m pleased to announce the Forrest Firm launch of our EstateCare program.

We designed EstateCare to be a dynamic solution for meeting ongoing estate planning needs. Typically, an estate plan is a snapshot of you, your family, your assets, and the laws in effect at the time of its creation. When our team here at the Forrest Firm delivers a completed estate plan, it is current and up to date. However, it can and will become outdated—sometimes more quickly than you can imagine.

Laws, family situations, assets and finances—they all change over time. It’s critical to know and determine on a regular basis whether the changes in your life or the law affect your estate plan and whether your plan needs to be updated. Thus, we have a dynamic solution to the challenge of evolving estate planning needs.

After completing your estate plan, we automatically enroll our clients in the EstateCare program for one year, allowing them to experience first-hand how quickly their needs can change and how they can utilize the program for cost-effective and time-efficient methods for making amendments or additions to their plans. For EstateCare members, we monitor changes in the law and advise them when changes affect their planning. We also work with members to proactively update their planning to account for changes to their family, assets, and goals.

There are multiple features and benefits with the EstateCare program, which is complimentary for the first year after establishing your estate plan with the Forrest Firm, and available for an affordable annual fee thereafter:

  • Annual review with our estate planning teamt
  • Asset coordination with your plan and financial advisor
  • Complimentary simple updates to your plan (details in engagement letter)
  • Discounted updates to your plan for more advanced planning and estate administration
  • Accessibility and collaboration with your estate planning attorney and paralegal at the firm
  • EstateCare Vault, an online estate archive where you can store your legal documents and other information important for your family and fiduciaries, at
  • Legal Directives, which includes wallet cards with information about your allergies, medical conditions and emergency contacts, and easy accessibility to your healthcare documents for emergency medical personnel in the event you are in an accident
  • For clients with minor children, upon a child turning 18, we will provide a healthcare power of attorney and HIPAA authorization at no charge (with child’s permission)
  • Member workshops on various estate planning topics, led by our estate planning team
  • Trust protector service for your lifetime
  • Notary Services

The Forrest Firm has built its reputation on flexible, responsive service delivered by professionals with deep experience in their areas of practice. I’m proud to say that our estate planning and administration services, including EstateCare, are aligned to building our firm in that same tradition. For more information on EstateCare and our estate planning services for families with all types of needs, please email me at the Forrest Firm today.