With 2016 now upon us, the Forrest Firm is proud to commemorate its fifth anniversary.

The dawning of 2016 marks a half-decade for the firm since its inception in January 2011. Launched with one lawyer and a handful of clients, the Forrest Firm has since grown to eight attorneys and has served over four hundred companies and executives over the last 5 years. Founder James Forrest attributes the firm’s growth to its commitment to customer service. “What we strive for every day and with every client is to provide sophisticated legal counsel while at the same time being as responsive, accessible, and as efficient and predictable as it relates to pricing, as we can. I think our clients and the NC legal market in general have responded in a meaningful way to that approach.”

The firm routinely collaborates with leaders in the startup community, as well as mature companies in many industries, including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, green-environmental and logistics. In addition to these companies, the attorneys of the Forrest Firm also advise a fast-growing number of non-profits, including large churches and other faith-based organizations. Key practice areas include corporate/business law, private equity, angel and venture financing, M&A, employment law, commercial real estate and estate planning.

As the firm has grown, so too has its commitment to philanthropy. In addition to the multiple non-profit boards where Forrest Firm attorneys lend their service, the firm has also sponsored scholarship programs for aspiring African entrepreneurs and pro bono counsel for displaced Triangle workers looking to start businesses.

Perhaps the firm’s single greatest contribution has been its ongoing commitment to boosting early-stage companies, a common thread among the Forrest Firm’s paid legal services, pro bono work, and aforementioned philanthropy. “From its earliest days, the firm has sponsored multiple events and organizations with missions aimed squarely at generating fresh waves up startup activity across the Triangle,” said attorney Jesse Jones. “In addition, the Forrest Firm has helped its clients generate growth through flexible billing and packaged services that enable young companies to focus on winning strategies without sacrificing attention to fine legal detail in areas such as corporate formation and raising capital.”

In honor of the Forrest Firm’s fifth anniversary, the attorneys and support staff plan a year-long celebration, marked in multiple diverse ways. 2016 will be a year that sees even higher standards set for service and philanthropy.

“We would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the many people that have invested in the long-term success of this firm, including friends, family, other advisors, and most of all, our clients,” added attorney Jeff Wolfe. “The Forrest Firm is an entrepreneurial enterprise that we’ve viewed, from inception, as a new way of going about the business of providing legal services. Our clients inspire us to innovate in fresh ways year after year, and as we pause to celebrate this milestone, we realize that we can directly trace our own growth and success to the array of complex challenges that they present to us on a daily basis.”

Watch this space and our social media channels as we mark this fifth anniversary throughout what will be a really special year!