Forrest Firm Attorneys Participate in NCBA’s 4ALL Service Day

Forrest Firm attorneys Leslie Lasher, Keith Richardson, Cory Howes, Rachel Blunk, and Andrew Bowman will participate in the 2018 4ALL Service Day.

The 4ALL Service Day is a program of the North Carolina Bar Foundation (NCBF), produced in conjunction with the North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) and local television stations across the state. On March 2, North Carolina lawyers will join forces in multiple cities, including Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte, to take calls from the public.

Lawyer volunteers, working in shifts at call centers around the state, provide legal information and referral resources to callers seeking information regarding North Carolina-related legal matters. Past 4ALL Service Days have attracted more than 500 lawyer volunteers from virtually every practice area within the law, answering nearly 10,000 calls from around the state.

At the Raleigh call center, Leslie Lasher will offer legal information in the area of employment law. Keith Richardson will talk about dispute resolution, while Cory Howes will offer his insights from the world of estate planning, as well as estate and trust administration.From the Greensboro call center, Rachel Blunk will discuss methods of dispute resolution, as well as a broad range of legal topics related to general business and corporate law. Joining Blunk is Andrew Bowman, who will assist with calls related to dispute resolution, risk management, and compliance with state and federal regulations.

The Forrest Firm thanks our participating attorneys, Leslie Lasher, Keith Richardson, Cory Howes, Rachel Blunk, and Andrew Bowman for participating in this popular expression of the NCBA’s commitment to pro bono legal services and volunteerism among North Carolina attorneys.