Two Experienced Leaders Added to Back Office

The Forrest Firm is excited to welcome two new leaders to the Firm: Lauren Fuhrer, Operations Director, and Sylina Phelan, HR & Finance Director. She has previously served in Operations, Marketing, Finance, Project Management, and Product Development roles in Med-Tech, E-Commerce, Commercial Development companies, including her last position as COO of SportGait. Her successful background allowed these companies to scale through developing processes with customer value in mind. 

Sylina Phelan built and developed teams, managing internal personnel and CRO contractors nationwide.  After becoming a co-owner, she successfully aligned financial planning with strategy, leading the CRO to a successful exit. In addition to managing the daily financial functions, she was also instrumental in growing the organization’s profit margins by 20%.

Lauren and Sylina are strong additions to the Firm’s back office team allowing our attorneys to continue to focus on exceeding clients’ expectations and provide predictable pricing as we continue to position ourselves well to provide creative legal solutions to clients across North Carolina. Leveraging their past experiences, these two leaders will develop innovative processes and drive growth strategy aligned with Forrest Firm’s mission, vision, and values.