logo_innershadowwebIn early January, we told you to watch this space to see how we would celebrate the Forrest Firm’s fifth anniversary throughout the year. We said that we would be celebrating with our staff, our clients, and the community. Now, it’s time to party with an idea that’ll have a great impact in the Triangle community.

Let us introduce the Forrest Firm Non-Profit Challenge, a contest that will result in our firm helping five non-profits to launch this year, pro bono. The attorneys of the Forrest Firm are passionate about what we do, working with inspiring leaders at companies across many industries, from startups to mature businesses. We could think of no better way to kick off our anniversary celebrations than by committing ourselves to those operating for the benefit of our community, bringing great ideas to bear that will impact all of us for the better.

Here’s how the challenge works—it’s actually pretty simple. If you’re a social entrepreneur looking to set up a non-profit in North Carolina, hit the challenge page on our site. There, we’ll ask you to give us your name and contact information. Next, you’ll state your idea and how far along you are in the process of bringing that idea to a non-profit business reality. Finally, pitch us! One of the most inspiring parts of our work is hearing why entrepreneurs are pursuing the ideas they’re selling, so give us your story in 500 words or less.

We’ll close submissions by April 15 and then announce five winners by May 1. What will you win? Each winning submission will receive start-up legal services for their non-profit corporation at no charge. After we’ve helped the five winners launch their non-profits, we will feature each of them individually in our Client Spotlight series here on the blog, as well as promote each of them to our social media friends!