The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce has announced its latest innovative effort to bring together the Triangle business community, and this event is full of ambition. The Big, which will take place on September 26, 2013, is aiming to break the current world record for the largest networking event ever held, while providing businesses and executives with a chance to meet and interact with a diverse range of attendees in a dynamic and lively environment.

The Forrest Firm is proud to be a Durham 2.0 Key Investor and sponsor for the event.

Taking place on the plaza of the Durham Centre building in downtown Durham from 5-7 pm, The Big will feature catering by several of Durham’s tastiest independent restaurants, as well as live music courtesy of The Art of Cool Project.  The Durham Chamber thrives on events that bring together distinct elements of the city’s culture, along with Durham’s diverse business community.  The Big will enable executives and entrepreneurs to network in a relaxed and friendly setting.

In addition to the record-seeking networking event, the Durham Chamber is also offering a rare business development opportunity for 15 selected businesses. The Big features an exclusive business expo, limited to 15 slots at $100 per table.

James Forrest, founder and principal attorney at The Forrest Firm and current member of the Board of Directors for the Durham Chamber, expressed his excitement about the unique opportunities that The Big will provide.  “We’re thrilled to be able to invite local businesses and entrepreneurs to participate in an official record-breaking attempt through the people at the Guinness Book of World Records,” said Forrest.  “Of course, the evening isn’t just about a record.  Attendees will be able to meet and make strong networking connections with a variety of wonderful people from the Triangle’s business communities, which we hope will strengthen relationships and offer a chance for personal and professional growth throughout Durham’s thriving business population.”

Following the networking portion of the evening, The Big will be hosting an after-party, which will be free of charge to all attendees and will begin at 7pm.  Check out the event website (www.durhamchamber.org/theBig) for more details about this exciting evening taking place in the Triangle business community.