By James Forrest

TM Solutions is a Raleigh-based human resources consulting firm that specializes in providing talent management solutions and best practices for companies in the area. Founded in 2004 by Rob Pulley, a UNC graduate, Navy Officer and career corporate HR professional, the mission of TM Solutions is to provide corporations with the services they need to make them lean and mean—built for high performance and business model flexibility to adjust to changing economic and industry conditions.

During Rob’s time as a corporate human resources executive, he saw the great value that consultants could bring to the talent management equation. Rob often describes his approach to his work as “business first, HR second.” He believes that human resources is a necessary and potentially valuable area that can serve as a driver of smart and sophisticated companies, rather than a defense mechanism to simply protect compliance and liability interests. For example, unlike many in the HR world, Rob measures corporate success in terms of growth and profitability, and not in terms of employee roster size.

Rob and his team provide their clients with the tools they need to attract and retain top talent while keeping costs under control. TM Solutions provides several entry points to its services, in order to meet clients where their needs lie, from both human resources and budgetary standpoints.  TM Solutions’ clients have the ability to completely outsource all human resource functions to Rob and his team of partner consultants and client service representatives. Companies with less extensive needs can take advantage of TMS’s on-demand consultative services to mitigate situations as they arise, such as rapid expansions or reductions in their workforces. Finally, the very smallest firms can take advantage of the company’s incredible repository of tools, handbooks, and best practices at TM Solutions’ online store, featuring a la carte options such as strategies for hiring, performance management and leadership development.

Rob and company have taken their own medicine, putting their best practices into play at TM Solutions to produce a company that has grown its client list from 15 to 60 in a seven-year period. During that time, the firm has built a large network of strategic partners to assist its clients with larger-scale needs such as staffing, technology, and benefits administration.

Having known Rob personally for more than seven years, I’ve always been impressed with his ability to work with his clients to truly understand their needs. I know I can always rely on him to provide top-notch HR solutions that also meet the many legal requirements imposed on businesses and HR professionals.  The Forrest Firm not only appreciates the business that TM Solutions does with us, but also all of the opportunities we’ve had to work with Rob and his team to provide first-class advice that protects our clients’ interests and drives their respective businesses to new levels of success.

For more information on TM Solutions, contact Rob Pulley at 919.325.1583 or visit their site at