By James Forrest

Lucas Gambit is a Durham, NC-based company serving artists in the music industry. Led by its three partners, Sam Fisher, Rod Shuler, and Charles Newkirk, the company provides services in three core areas:  recording and production of music, artist and event management, marketing and distribution of music.

According to Fisher, the company’s mission is to bridge the gap between young, independent artists and the industry, which consists of major labels, mid-majors, and indies. What these industry players have, that is key to the career development of musicians, is access—access to retailers, venues, and media outlets critical to launching new artists. Now, with the emergence of Lucas Gambit, founded in 2009, Fisher and company have built a national network of the same retail, venue, and media contacts to help their stable of recording artists take their careers to the next level.

Fisher sees the role of Lucas Gambit as similar to that of a farm system team in Major League Baseball.  Lucas Gambit, much like a minor league team, takes the young artist and grooms him for success. Early on in the company’s engagement with the artist, the team at Lucas Gambit helps the artist to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as put together a comprehensive strategy for success. In just two years, the company has added multiple service offerings to its clients, from both organic growth and acquisition. What was once a company focused on promoting concerts has now grown into a multi-pronged entity, with capabilities ranging from music production in its own recording studio, screen printing, and public relations with the music media to targeted marketing campaigns to boost artist sales at record stores throughout the country.

What I appreciate the most about the team at Lucas Gambit is its focus on developing services around artist needs.  Sam likes to tell me that for Lucas Gambit, “it’s all about the artist,” and I believe him. This team’s commitment to its clients has inspired new ideas that have propelled Lucas Gambit’s meteoric rise since its founding. The company is committed to lifting the music scene in the Triangle, but they are always thinking globally about how to improve their services and thus improve the industry itself.

I believe that the future bodes well for Lucas Gambit, as they now feature a full-service record label and recently launched an in-house booking agency. This team knows no boundaries in its efforts to become a total resource center for recording artists to boost their careers. We are grateful to have them as clients, continuing to build a relationship that meets their needs in strategic planning and risk management. For more information on Lucas Gambit and its slate of services for aspiring recording artists, please visit their website at