creative alliesYou’ve read in this very space about some of Raleigh entrepreneur Donald Thompson’s ventures, such as I-Cubed, a maker of applications for engineering, web development and digital strategies firm iCIDIGITAL. One of his companies, digital agency 03 Creative, has just re-branded this week to become Walk West, reflecting 18 months of meteoric growth. The Forrest Firm is proud to serve as legal counsel for all of these great companies.

Now, as the head of the Raleigh-based Creative Allies, Thompson and his leadership team are expanding their focus in the world of popular music, television and brands. Creative Allies is an integrated marketing firm reimagined as a community made up of musicians, designers, illustrators, and music labels. Through a proprietary technology platform, comprehensive marketing services, and strategic partnerships, Creative Allies has built a community of more than 125,000 designers and 180,000 fans who have contributed successful art projects for brands and celebrities like AriZona Tea, Ben & Jerry’s, Selena Gomez, Dr. Dre, twenty-one pilots and Maroon 5.

The Creative Allies platform is designed to benefit multiple stakeholder groups. For bands and brands, Creative Allies delivers great art while engaging a sizeable fan base, pre-launch, in the process. For aspiring artists, the platform provides a venue for their creativity, as well as opportunities to get discovered and win money. For the community as a whole, Creative Allies means a chance to be inspired and connect with fellow artists. And for fans, Creative Allies is a place where music aficionados can vote, share, and buy their favorite designs, having a say in the final products they see representing their favorite artists and brands in the marketplace. “Our partners in brand marketing and at music labels love the Creative Allies experience,” said Thompson. “When you bring a concept to the community at Creative Allies, you’re effectively getting great art and simultaneously building a passionate connection with thousands of people who will evangelize an end product with which they feel a visceral connection.”

Whether it’s a designer wanting exposure, a brand in need of a fresh vision, a brand desiring connections with millennials, or a music fan with strong opinions on music and art, the community members of Creative Allies get serious about their work while having a lot of fun.  “What attracted me to the Creative Allies concept was the convergence of a technology platform working with entertainment icons and a community of talented designers,” said Thompson. “I have a lifelong passion for music myself, so I ‘got it’ immediately, and I could see how a generation growing up in a connected, crowdsourced world would love being a part of what musicians and brands are doing to get their creative outputs into the marketplace.”

Under Thompson’s leadership, Creative Allies has set ambitious growth goals for the community, as it continues to attract brands, bands, artists, and fans.  “We believe in giving the people driving Creative Allies as a company both the responsibility of growth and the accountability for successful outcomes, which derive from the freedom we offer to be creative within our business model,” said Thompson. “Our team is a great one, and we can only succeed if everyone is accountable to and contributing toward our vision, a formula that has served us well while leading other organizations.”  Upcoming contests include Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory and Orange is the New Black.

To learn more about Creative Allies, or to participate in an art contest as an artist or fan, visit their website at