By James Forrest

Every once in a while, something special comes along and turns your community upside-down in a very good way.  We seem to have quite a few of those special people and places around Durham, but one that really stands out to me is Beyu (pronounced “Bee-You”) Caffe — the brainchild of our friend and client, Dorian Bolden.

When people ask what Beyu is, you might be inclined to say a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a treasured venue for listening to live music, especially jazz — and while any one of those descriptions would be correct, the fact of the matter is that they are all quite true.  Beyu Caffe is just one of those special places that you have to experience when you visit downtown Durham.

No matter the season, time of day or night, there’s always something happening at Beyu Caffe.  When Dorian first conceived of Beyu, he wanted a place where “you could just be you.” This special place combines his passions for music, food, coffee, and people.

What we appreciate so much about Dorian is his commitment to entrepreneurship.  Dorian is a 2002 graduate of Duke University, and for several years, he pursued a successful career in finance on Wall Street. After the untimely passing of his father and a large merger affected his outlook on both life and livelihood, Dorian committed himself to pursuing the things in life he was passionate about and being his own boss while doing it.

This commitment has shown during Beyu’s first two years in the community. We have grown to know Dorian as a fearless innovator, never afraid to shake up his tactics while staying true to his overall strategy.  Patrons have seen a relentless commitment to customer service, as well as menu improvement and experimenting with different types of entertainment. Through it all, Dorian’s original vision continues to shine.

So what does Dorian Bolden have in mind for Beyu’s future?  He recently told us that “after two years of operation, Beyu Caffe has successfully integrated the unique combination of coffee, food, bar, and live entertainment.”  He added, “We are currently focusing on streamlining these areas of operation to be more efficient, so that we can hopefully begin looking at rapid expansion within the next two years.”

Here’s to even greater success in the near future for Dorian and his fine team at Beyu Caffe. To learn more about this evolving coffee shop, restaurant, and music and entertainment venue that’s blazing an innovative trail in Durham, check out their website at