By James Forrest

The best business ideas are those centered on solving a real problem for people, setting the focus of the company on its customers. Such is the case of AP Reese, a company designing products for moms by moms, and we’re proud to have AP Reese as part of the Forrest Firm family of clients. BeliBea Primary Logo

Founder Melissa Holland is full of excitement as the company sits on the brink of launching its first product line, BeliBea, featuring innovative maternity bras including the Nourish by BeliBea style that allows for hands-free pumping. The idea for Nourish by BeliBea came from Melissa’s husband, Adam, as he watched her become exhausted by the demands of breastfeeding and pumping while also working as a textiles professional. Adam’s Eureka moment stemmed from using a sports bra as the garment’s foundation to create a fully supportive, hands-free pumping experience.

With the DIY concept as its inspiration, Nourish by BeliBea evolved as a unique product that includes dual panels in each cup that allow mothers to keep the bra in place while breastfeeding, pumping and during what often seems like the few moments in between. The inside panel fits to and holds a breast shield in place for hands-free convenience while pumping, or both panels can be lowered to easily nurse. The bra is seamless, provides flexible support and accommodates the ongoing changes in the breast anatomy throughout a mother’s nursing journey. In addition, Nourish by BeliBea gives users full features to which they are normally accustomed with traditional bras, including plush-lined adjustable straps and a V-neck scoop with center ruching, thus taking the best design elements from both sports bras and their dressier counterparts.

In conjunction with the formal launch of the BeliBea maternity bra line, Holland and AP Reese have initiated the company’s first Kickstarter campaign, running through January 2. Funds raised online through individual contributors will fuel the final stages of manufacturing and packaging for BeliBea, as well as wholesale outreach to introduce the brand to retailers nationwide.

The launch of BeliBea marks a new beginning for the Holland family after a long journey of product development. Melissa lists former employers and colleagues in the textiles industry, including Bob Deerin of Prime Life Fibers and a pair of consultants, Deb Ream and Matt Anglemyer, with offering early support for the concept that gave Holland the confidence to see the BeliBea bra line all the way through to development.

In addition, she cited the encouragement of her family, as well as several business partners as being instrumental to seeing BeliBea on the market with 2000 units ready to ship in the coming weeks via sales on the company website and future distribution agreements. Holland credited our team at the Forrest Firm and patent attorney Justin Nifong with offering key business insights, particularly in the areas of patent licensing and royalty agreements. She also enthusiastically endorsed the team at Bolt PR, mentioning the work of Jo-Anne Chase and Nicole Kypraios as instrumental to building the BeliBea brand and setting the stage for breakout sales with messaging to influencers in the parenting community.

As the company continues to grow, Holland stresses the importance of reaching the needs of families—not just moms—to include dads and kids. She says that AP Reese will continue to stay true to making products that make everyday childcare more manageable and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

For more information on BeliBea, visit or follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter. We wish Melissa and her team a successful launch and profitable future as she continues to keep the comfort and well-being of her customers top of mind in her product development.