Client FAQs

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When will Forrest Firm officially become a part of Michael Best?
Forrest Firm joins Michael Best on January 1, 2022.

Who will be my main point of contact?
You will still be working with the same great team. We are just joining a larger platform to increase our ability to serve your needs.

What will happen to the files of my previous work completed at Forrest Firm?
These files will be archived for six (6) years and subject to disposal in accordance with the rules of the North Carolina State Bar after that time. If you need a document or information regarding any previous matter at Forrest Firm, please make those requests through the attorney you worked with on the project.

How will I contact my go-to attorney and other team members?
For the time being, you can still reach them at their usual Forrest Firm email addresses. Their email address will change, but we will continue to forward the emails sent to the Forrest Firm email address to the new Michael Best email address for a period of time. You will be notified of their new email address, once one has been established.
Our phone numbers will not change, so you will always be able to reach us via phone. Our office locations will also remain the same.

Will service offerings change when transitioning to Michael Best?
We will continue to offer all of our existing services as well as a wide range of additional services to meet your needs. You can view the comprehensive list of services we will be able to offer HERE.


Will I still have automatic payments using my current payment method on file?
If you are currently on automatic payments, your last Forrest Firm auto-payment will be on or around January 27, 2022 for services rendered in December. Michael Best does not currently offer automatic payments, but there will be multiple payment options available to remit payment.

Will the wire information change?
Yes. Wire information will be listed directly on your invoice for payments on your account. For wires into trust, you will receive updated instructions directly from Michael Best or your project contact.

What will happen to our credits on account?
Credits on account will transfer to Michael Best, and you’ll have the same amount of credit to be applied to future work.

If I have an outstanding balance with Forrest Firm to whom should I remit payment?
This money is due to Forrest Firm, please remit payment to Forrest Firm. If you have questions regarding invoices, how to process payments, or the Michael Best transition, please contact

You can still send checks for payment of Forrest Firm invoices to: Forrest Firm
PO Box 451
Wilmington, NC 28402

Even after you start receiving invoices from Michael Best (February 2022), if you have an outstanding balance with Forrest Firm, please be sure to pay to Forrest Firm.

Invoices received from Michael Best are payable to Michael Best.